We also own D.W. Holdings, a limited liability company (LLC) that develops, owns and operates a small select number of towers. The experience gained from this entity has enabled us to learn how to better serve our clients from their points of view.

Continuing to strive toward ambitious yet attainable goals will ensure the success of D.W. Tower and the companies we serve. Our President, Dale Wilson, states that in the life of a business genuine success lies in knowing and building upon inherent strengths. For D.W. Tower, these strengths center on integrity, a strong work ethic, and a focused commitment to each client.

Founded in 1999 by individuals with valuable expertise in wireless communications construction and management skills, D.W. Tower has grown into 3 offices situated throughout the southwest region of the United States. Since our inception we have built many towers, invested in quality resources, learned new methodologies, and strengthened our resolve to become a first-class organization.
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