DWT Service Advantages

Advantages for the wireless industry and federal and local land management agencies that DWT provides include the following:

  • DWT being a NID has incentive to treat all wireless service providers equally.
  • DWT operates and manages FCC licensed common microwave systems for wireless providers.  The DWT common system reduces the need for multiple dishes reducing visual impacts and better allocates and manages limited bandwidth and frequencies.
  • DWT has proven to be efficient in operating multi-user towers.
  • DWT constructs towers capable of supporting a greater amount of equipment, thereby reducing environmental and visual impacts and the need for additional towers in the future.
  • DWT works with all wireless service providers and other site users equally and fairly. Some wireless service providers will not work with other wireless service providers because of competition.
  • Because DWT provides space for all carriers equally and fairly, the public is better served.
  • DWT can handle interference and other inter-wireless service complaints better because they are not competing with other wireless carrier providers

DW has a unique and highly experienced development and operational team.  DW Tower LLC is led by Dale Wilson, owner and founding member.  Dale has enjoyed a long career in the telecommunication industry.  He started his career in 1996 as a construction supervisor for T-Mobile. His responsibilities were to manage the construction of all of the telecommunication sites throughout Utah. After a few years with T-Mobile, Dale began to work for a telecommunication contractor who built towers and other communication sites for Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint. With all the necessary knowledge, relationships and strong reputation for getting the job done, Dale started his own telecommunication construction company in 1999. The name of the company was DW Tower, Inc.  DW Tower, Inc. completed many projects for Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint for many years. With DW Tower running smoothly Dale started a new company in 2001 with the clear focus to own and operate towers. That company is DW Tower LLC. DW Tower has become the “go to” company for the wireless carriers when they have development needs in challenging locations. DW Tower enjoys a long standing relationship with the wireless carriers and federal land management agencies and strong reputation for getting the job done.

DW Tower LLC (DWT) has offices in Arizona, New Mexico, and California. The DWT management team consists of highly dedicated key individuals who lead the company to a strong presence in each location


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